Jackson State Football, what are they building?

Welcome to a world of surprises and what if’s . A program nestled out mid-west in Mississippi are sure to make huge waves in the world of football. And most likely Jackson State Football will be a household football name soon. With Deon Sanders taking the throne, recruiting is going very well. He is landing multiple FBS three to five star players. The question is what are they building? It’s FCS, they have multiple Championships under their belts. So are they planning a bounce to FBS ? It’s quite possible. It would interesting to see if this is the ultimate outcome.

First, Jackson State Head Coach, Deon Sanders born August 9, 1967 had stellar success in multiple sports. From the high school level to professional levels. He attended high school in Florida , Fort Myers. He was drafted in the first round fifth pick in 1989 out of his college Florida State. He played for several NFL teams such as, Atlanta Falcons , San Francisco, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins , and the Baltimore Ravens. During this time he played both side of the ball as a defensive back , wide receiver, and return specialist. With two Superbowls. He also played in the MLB for New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, and San Francisco Giants as an outfielder . Being the only player in both sports being in a Super Bowl and World Series. He also was a Sports Analyst for a couple well known sports brands. He is a man who has made moves, self made, and has definitely earned his status. He is taking over for the 2021 season as head coach of Jackson State Football. Prior to this move he served as head coach at a few schools including his prior head coach job at Trinity Christian School before accepting the Head coach position at Jackson.

So, why did Jackson State Football hire Deon Sanders, why is he getting NFL caliber players, and it’s a FCS school. The question can be answered in the actions. When teams and schools do as such usually they plan a leap into the FBS. But let’s just say they plan on staying in the FCS, lookout Jackson State Football and fans your in for a serious ride, and a winning team with Deon Sanders at the throne. “Prime Time” all the time. He definitely does not plan on loosing. He is also bringing bank to your school with almost guaranteed time on national TV . With the player talent he’s bringing in, your college is about to grow. Georgia Southern Football should be on the horn right now getting a game scheduled. Every team should be lining up just to test the theory Head Coach Sanders is trying to implement. When high caliber players are beating the path to Jackson, something is gonna happen, and it’s gonna be big.

Horror, or Treasure House Of Cleveland, Ohio : False or Hauntingly True?

As any day I research, I run across topics that strike me as important to write about. One such topic brings me to the story out of Cleveland, Ohio. With reports of what I read, and hypocritical possibilities.
The house in question supposedly a large two floor house and a large basement. I have seen pictures but I don’t know if it’s the original house and I do not know for a fact that the house is in Cleveland. Supposedly, the couple purchased the house . And over a period of time , in which they took their time renovating. There was mention of money being a part of them taking their time. It was said the man who purchased the house is a DIY type of guy, and decided to slowly do the work him self.

Floor by Floor this man and his wife slowly renovated the mystery house first and second floor to completion. When the job was complete, they marveled at the job they had done. All was normal and they were satisfied with what they had done . So the obvious next step was the basement, which they go into excited and hopeful for the same results. As they were entering the basement, the husband was taking pictures , he wanted before and after pictures. Little did they know the adventure was just beginning.

Even entering the basement was weird. First thing the man sees is writing on the wall graffiti to be exact. This I’m sure scared them both. For me just finding signs of left behind unsettles me.

From my understanding, he was looking through the ceiling boards up above the basement ceiling and come across a suitcase . From what I hear it was closed when it was found. Him and his wife took turns guessing what might be in the suitcase. After a while of back and forth between the two, they decided to open the case. It was from the 1950’s to the 1970’s green in color with outer lined colors. It was clasped shut . After their suspense got the best of them they open it . And to their amazement about $6,000 dollars wrapped in plastic and wax paper laid there. They didn’t know immediately . It was only when the husband started unwrapping it , that they realized it. Also the money was supposedly from the 30’s and 40’s. So the couple takes the bills to an appraisal professional, and finds out the bills were actually worth $23,000 dollars. At this point to them it was a well needed treasure to pay some bills off. At this time they welcomed it. After they discovered the suitcase, it was decided by both would keep looking. As their search went on they found another suitcase almost identical, only having different clasp. To their surprise and almost warry of opening this one , they both decided to open the second suitcase and the same outcome just a little more cash than the first, lined in the suitcase not covered . They decided to take the second case to the appraiser. This time was around $45,000 dollars. Now in their minds they had money to cover some mortgage payments.

After their discovery of such positive treasures, they decided to continue to keep investigating the rest of the house. And what they are about to find will probably shock them , for a long , long, time.

As they were probably cleaning, searching , excited from their earlier finds, they come across a door heavily pad locked. A small door. A door the real estate agent said the hot water heater should be. But it was weird to them to have such a door heavily locked . So after going over what it could be, they decided to break open the small door. What was behind that door was going to change things drastically, and pretty quick too.

once access was accomplished, and they looked through it they quickly realized this was no hot water heater, it was a fairly large room , with worn out carpet on the floor. So they decide to enter the room and find more cash, even cash from other countries. Upon further research, they find a safe . I can’t remember when, but they also found a piece of paper with the words “ save yourself” written on it. They also run across a brief case , with old envelopes, with foreign currency worth around $80 dollars. And also a jewelry box,

They jewelry box contained rings , and all other sorts of real jewelry, and watches. All of it was quite weird , and very valuable. Who knows who this stuff belonged to.

They eventually decide to open the safe by braking it open. They open the lid and underneath is the words “Do Not”. To them this was very strange. There were different valuables they found , paperwork and such. The most shocking this they found in that room was six or seven Videotapes. They mentioned that the tapes were labeled as such a way , that they couldn’t comprehend what it said. It was said they waited awhile before they viewed the tapes. But their curiousness got the best of them . After viewing them they called authorities and was advised not to speak of it to no one, at that point it became a active investigation. Things to note the room was sound proof and covered by white canvas.

I wonder if this story is true , and if so what did they uncover? Was it a international spy , living at the same house. If so was he accumulating possessions from his victims? Or did the come across a serial killers safe place, where he hid or did his dirty deeds? Or the age old mystery of a Gangster such as Jimmy Hoffa. What do you think, or better yet , do you know about this mystery? Do you know if it’s true or false?

@thefadden all rights reserved, George Fadden.

President Biden , President Trump : The next Chapter. And what if’s

Today is a new day. Nothing is changed. The ideology of politics very much alive and thriving. Let’s face it , not many of us were really concerned in voting the last twenty years. Believing our vote doesn’t count. But, they move a Billionaire in the White House, who had his faults, and we mail in ballots . Although USPS probably cashed in on it. It sometimes almost seems orchestrated, and the Opera had a standing ovation. The sad thing is , although good things come out of it, I don’t think we realize how really duped we were. When you want something, working behind enemy lines comes from the same play book. In a world of normalcy, normal is no longer the seen truth. Where money rules and the ones it concedes end up very rich, but their perpetual character is abolished. In a world where acting is real, media shapes minds , and manipulating minds is addictive to the manipulated. It’s very easy to fall in love with the character, but when character is changed to ridicule, You hate them. It is proven, through history, and jealousy.

No reason to mis-construe what I’m saying, Biden deserves and I believe will be a good President. I’m saying parties always have plans, and when implemented correctly , make it reality. The playbook was set, someone was doing their homework. And it started with Trump. We all knew he likes creating waves. And before he became President we knew who he was , a business man, entertainer, self made, person. And the American people voted him into office. Did he do some good things? Of course he did. Did he do some bad things? I’m sure. I also believe others were using him to distract while they accomplished some very classified objectives. Trump will not be what made history, until we figure out just what and who made it possible. Who could possibly gain from someone like Donald Trump being President? And the name Clinton pops in my head automatically. Failed attempts at being President. I don’t think truly she expected Barack Obama. Trump, “Beats Her “ and becomes President, annoying a few people , “ Clinton bashing” by people’s dislike for his character , takes heat off of her for those “emails” and let us not ever forget Benghazi, because it was discredited because of dislike for him. Then it begins to look like people working together to save face for Clinton, a great story line entertainment ploy, very believable, yet dangerously manipulative, by several narcissistic people involved on both sides.

Then Joe Biden, who I think will be a fabulous President gets elected, such a beatable candidate for Clinton, and Trump won’t have a chance in hell. I thought the playbook was big, and in my opinion at all cost she was willing to wait in order to perfect her political career. In 2024 expect her. It will be about minorities, women, and whatever else they think we want to hear. And it’s not just about the Presidential salary, it’s the places it takes a person for the that’s just a researched , political, possible outcome, one of many. Where I believe many were like pieces of a chess game. I don’t hate, I’m impressed. To get so many interested to elect a Joe Biden, which will make a dam good President, there is a plan for the future, and there is a mastermind political professional behind this and they been in the game for a long time. I’m throwing hypothetical possibilities. Not saying it’s true. It would make a dam good movie.

Trump, hmm what can I say, I hate to make compare, but I like him as well. Not everyone likes him, and that’s ok . It was almost watching a real life gangsta turned good but not so much. He did a lot of good things, geographically wherever you go opinion changes , I respect that, some things I didn’t like, but he did it his way. Most would go calmly, but that just isn’t Trump. No matter what standpoint you look at it from If you experienced Trump , you experienced history. Maybe as such one we needed. It opened eyes, the issues costed lives, but showed even in death people were practicing their constitutional rights in the ways they felt was the correct way. America has been through hell and back yet still stands such a great country to live in, and the storyline of American viewed villain being beat democratically being defeated with a vote, imagine a comic book like that, we would say ah that would never happen. Yet we survived it. To some people it was the way it was.

Joe Biden , perfected the Clint Eastwood stare , probably better than Clint him self. For a Country of bullies, to elect a stuttering, man with a good heart to sniffing problems at least it’s not fear of a coke addiction. He has been through bangs and bashes as well , Jim Carrey , well he comes back to comedy with his same intensity and a glimpse of what once was is back. So many show relief. Dave Chappelle well he’s Dave. Very intelligent, serious, and visions of truth exit him. A true mark on our history. He was President in his stand up world, while sharing real life concerns of what was, and what if’s, he voiced his serious concerns the only way he knew we would take it in. But never the less , his messages were loud and clear , to the point he left the United States , just to get his head wrapped around things. All it is was not wanting to except reality, because of hurt, because of how it really is. When a man or woman’s eyes open to it it is never unseen again. Truth in this situation is brutal. When you realize how many truly can’t even understand so it’s not talked about. But he came back. And his power is stronger than ever. He is just not a comedian, like Jim Carrey, he opened his eyes. They both are important knowledge holders. Important knowledge , that is vital for human minds to survive, with slight understanding of truth. So Biden is now our President, I will pledge to acknowledge him as such , and as long as he is of, and for the people, I will respect him I like the stare , Joe was stressing , but now it’s over. He missed the White House, now he will be staying there. Legalize Marijuana, make history, and a second term , I’m Sure Barack Obama , and Clinton are jealous, a chance to be remembered as the best President in the history of all those before you. Understand differences is what makes us . And work across the isles.

All these stories and hypothetical issues were either real or not. Wow how did we survive? But it is what makes us. It’s what makes America great no matter who the President is. Take what you will from this, but it’s our history, and I’m proud to have been through it. President Biden , show us what you got , and we will embrace not follow you. If although you don’t , many like The ones against Trump , will extend those actions against you. It’s a frail moment in the United States, do right, do good, and always hear We The People. If that’s done you will remembered throughout history as one of the greatest . Good luck Godbless. Donald Trump, good luck in the future. You made your mark in history and always will be part of shaping a government on the brink of collapse. Many base their opinion of you , and that’s because some things attempted and done, were not always honorable to all Americans. To some but to some not. Goodluck to all. Dave holler at me, it would be so nice to see you run for President.

@all rights reserved George Fadden ,TheFadden

My conclusion from questions I asked the presidential candidates


If you are poor like me, or from humble beginnings, from the swamp, the hood, the hills, or hell , it don’t make a dam who the President is , they all lie , play on We The Peoples ignorance. Either for personal gain, or imposed natural depopulation, just do you, your life ain’t gonna get any better or worse Unless of course you become President, these guys don’t give a fuck about you personally, they are all narcissistic and need attention, live your own life and quit fighting your brothers and sisters of all races, cause of two outcomes , the jail cell , which I been to it ain’t pretty, or the grave. And they ain’t gonna jump in neither with you. It organized from the start , it’s organized, like they care to or can save you , when both would not even piss on you to put you out if you were on fire,

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Coastal Carolina Football: Hype or The Real Deal

This season in the FBS has been a season to make history. With the coronavirus lurking, teams opt out of play , allowing paths to a better rank for other teams having good seasons has shown through. Coastal Carolina in my opinion has earned a #15 ranking in the AP poll, and are performing like a top caliber team. If they can defeat everyone in the remaining schedule maybe they could find themselves a contender for the highest prize. The Question is will it happen? Yes, the rank is a good one but with the SEC’S ACC’S and so on do they have a fair shot at the prized reward. The sad answer is probably not, and that’s sad. One argument the strength of schedule, hence The SEC staying conference only schedule. How in the world is this even fair in the grand scheme of things. And sadly , money trumps play. Could Coastal defeat a Georgia, or Clemson, Tennessee? Will The Sunbelt Conference be fortunate enough with such inclusion? I hope so, for teams such as Coastal, Georgia Southern, and AppState teams of the FBS.

will the 2021 season have the same benefits, or here forward, 8 team playoff or 16 team playoff model implemented, I sure hope so. Ugly truth, I doubt it seriously. For Coastal Carolina I hope their path ends up with a playoff spot or a National Championship at the highest level, it would really change history. With the mullets, confidence, and claim to fame, will almost guarantee players playing at the next level, NFL.

So in close, go get em Coastal Carolina, good luck, and expect at the least a good bowl game this year. Go! Coastal Carolina!!!

Georgia Southern Football: 11/7/2020 vs. Troy: What to expect from Troy

It is getting in the latter of the season, and Georgia Southern is looking Bowl bound. Troy really stands in the way this week, and they are pretty tough too. Sadly they will stuff the line. It would almost be better if the line stayed lower and blocked lower . The ones opening hole stay a little higher and expose Troys defensive line to the linemen dropping lower by pushing in that direction. Better then all linemen pushing against an otherwise balanced push. I have said it once I’ll say it again, AKIDO, enough said. But when we keep the push balanced they just check down to the ball . No matter what triple option you run , it’s about disrupting balance , which causes chaos for the ones checking down on defense. As the famous rap song says , “GET LOW” triple option 101, if not completely change it , and just throw the ball all the time. Another thing, Justin Tomlin deserves playing time, he’s an awesome QB, play him. Coach Chad Lunsford is a great coach. But I’d like to see some new guys rotating in , make all strings first string.

Defense, well defense is getting the reps in , this is football guys , play hard every play, get to the ball aggressively, with passion, stuff the holes check down, don’t anticipate too much , let it develope at a fast pace and react. And the biggest problem is wrapping up when you do tackle. This team Troy is always tough doing these things will secure a win.

Troy is gonna throw on you, watch the run , and cover the throw. Against Troy you got to establish a faster more precise approach. Be on your game because they intend to run the score up early.

And don’t forget about the AppState game. Postponed, rescheduled, a thorn in our side.

Hopefully this weekend works out and Chad lunfords Eagles defeat Troy 56-7 to do so you got to score early and often. Make no mistake Eagles, every game here forward is very important, let’s get it done!

Let’s G.A.T.A. Eagles and get us in a decent bowl game this year!

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The Questions I want answers for from President Donald Trump:

My questions to Donald Trump would go as followed:

#1.) As President what is the first agenda if you become President? 

#2.) What is your foreign Policy?

#3.) From what you said, health care would be a beautiful one, economy is great, and you will release your taxes, in four years this hasn’t materialized . Except for economy, which the coronavirus has caused troubles in any true materializations. How do you plan to make this happen and if Pence can come up with ideas will you implement them even if you don’t agree as long as it’s for the greater good of We The People?

#4.) What is your healthcare package gonna look like?

#5.) how will you make veterans and military personnel better off .

#6.) what will you do about the riots, and unrest in this country when it comes to racial tensions.

#7.) Biden took on a Clint Eastwood demeanor, yet I noticed you were more presidential, do you feel he is trying to take the strong role? Do you think he took this from your playbook?

#8.) What will separate you from Joe Biden and all other Presidents?

#9.) name off all your plans in detail, and explain why , and when. Will You do this and be transparent?

#10.) And finally, Marijuana Legalization, what would that look like under your administration? And be honest to all questions, inform us connect with us and don’t lie to , We The People,

Thanks ,George Fadden

@all rights reserved 2020, The Fadden

Georgia Southern Football: If this young team clicks on all cylinders the sky is the limit

When you hear Of The Georgia Southern Football team you think football powerhouse, winning consistently, top tier , good at the triple option. And although it is true , its been mediocre. I know our team is flooded with talent and it’s fun to watch but, it’s ok to play our other players such as Justin Tomlin , to give Werts a chance to relax and have a rested body for the execution of a dramatic powerhouse play. And as far as I’m concerned Justin is a star waiting to shine. Unfortunately he can’t . And that’s ok Coaches can do what they want, but resources are there please implement them. It doesn’t mean the starting guy looses his job , it just means at this point it’s better to be a team and allow others to play. Same thing on both the offensive and defensive lines change them out give them a rest, restart of energy, and it prepares the next man up. Even if the plays are standard triple option, you never know how good a player is until he’s in the game.

No one writes with as much passion when it comes to Georgia Southern. I was a fan since I was five years old. I hold Georgia Southern close to my heart. And I know what being true blue means.

The defense must check down , go to the ball and lock up on tackles. Over anticipation is another problem , slide check down. When you approach too soon you allow open field. In a rushing situation you still watch the ball and play assignments. Maybe if the offense collapses you sack the Quarterback, truth is if he is on the run it’s time to drop back , and let linebackers clean up the mess. Defensive ends also play a role of clean up. A scrambling quarterback is a dangerous quarterback. If you rush him you must get there quick and wrap up. There is not much since in the line coming off blocks unless they have a clear path. If a team goes their left your right ,drive their line that direction cover inside runs with chaos and protect the perimeters . And cover the wide receivers . Play with enthusiasm as well. Create your identity as a contributor to the team and ultimately the ending result will be a well built smooth operating Team of One with solid identities.

The offense, are due for a explosion of well implemented, accurate, productive and precise quite frankly a dangerous offense to deal with. It’s coming, but while we wait what’s wrong with Justin Tomlin coming in and shining, And any other player we don’t get a chance to see, so we have a better chance at winning games and a sense of more of a brotherhood and community considered adventure no matter win or loss then, it would be a venture we take together.

When considering the Coaches, Chad Lunsford looks to stay, and I believe Georgia Southern plans on his stay to be a long one. He is just an all around great, Coach, mentor, friendly, family first , Georgia Southern true and blue man. He has vested in all that’s Georgia Southern. The Assistant coaches, I don’t know much about. From what I see , their strategy’s are well in place. And for the most part is working. What I would ask of them would be player rotation. If I were a coach, all my player would be considered starters, and each player would be getting playing time in real game time situation. Giving others a break. It would also give me time to evaluate their skills. Yet in a game. Players play differently in a game setting situation. Every string would be just as good as the other. My intention of doing this would be solidify future “Starters” by making Starters from the start, all working together as a unit , As a team, or the true way of a team who claims brotherhood. But, as for Chad Lunsford, keep collecting those elbow destroyed chairs , and bring them back to statesboro as a reminder to the future.

@all rights reserved The Fadden George Fadden

Washington Football Team

The Football Team, I don’t see the big deal. The team looks tougher, uniforms are awesome , and part of history. Personally I wouldn’t change it as far as uniforms and color scheme is concerned. A Mascot is important, but short of being called Capitols , with a White House emblem on their helmet what do you do? First of all I think Capitols would be most appropriate. Especially in a time when folks are snatching identity from everything. I’m native and am not offended by the redskins name but if I had a second choice it would be “Capitols” The Football team in the nations Capitol. Like I said the uniforms now are awesome, and in reality the old uniforms were actually pretty cheesy. Now this team looks tough and presentable much like a presidential team if you may. The most logical approach would be naming the team The Capitols, keeping present uniforms until an agreement can be made on designs and logos but I’m digging the situation with the uniforms presently, very classy and in your face. Like I said the elder uniforms were cheesy and tired, boring to be put simple.

Helmets should stay the same , for some reason I just like the new look. It looks more team like not cheapened by decals and imaging. The present helmets look stronger , like a group of warriors and not just a brand. With the helmets you have found a strong identity, goes hand in hand with location playing more as a people’s team of diversity, yet strong intimidating tough look. The helmets are beautiful.

All is up to the powers that be, but to me being this is a team in the land of “We The People” it should be decided as such. Now you know my opinion what’s yours? Time to make American history come to life in a good and big way in the NFL, voice it!

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Georgia Southern Football vs. South Alabama

It’s a cool day, wind is blowing a little. Just a calm Southern day . Eagles are nestled in and await a team who’s season is a lot like the Eagles. A beautiful Stadium quiet, and lifeless will come alive with chants, and supporting the team they come to love. Ole Erk , well let’s just say he is with us, I can still visualize him in a worn out shirt, doing what a great coach does “ COACH” somehow he got his guys to come together and he won games. There is something missing. Maybe it’s not and the best is yet to come , as Erk said, “And you ain’t seen nothing yet.” “One More Time.” Is an old tradition of the School. Some stuff really rubbed off on us from Erk Russell.

Today we are talking about the game against South Alabama. Nothing is special about this team, but the Eagles better play some real football or they will hand us a L.

With a team such as South Alabama we better be ready. They have some awesome players.

The Eagles come in this contest, with a devastating loss last week to Coastal Carolina. . Maybe this time around they can rake in a win, with a little luck.

Georgia Southern Football vs. South Alabama

7:30 PM ESPN

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October 29, 2020